Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Blog!

Time to update your bookmarks and RSS feed! I've got a new blog address … come find me over here … for good!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm Over Here!

Find me over here today! Love That Shot is a great resource site for photographers. I'm giving away two $50 gift certificates towards custom design. Good luck!!

My new blog needs a bit of technical support. If you click to it via my site, it's up and running but don't update your RSS feed just yet! :) I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Site Coming Soon!

The new site is almost finished. Just putting the finishing touches … kind of like the icing on the cake. If you're interested in learning the ins and outs of blog design, I highly recommend photoblog 101. Rachel and Nancy are awesome!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

94 Days of Summer

I realize it was only 94 days, but believe me, there were definitely times when it felt more like 500. And so it ends … yesterday was the last day before backpacks, crayons, markers and lunch money. I played hooky for a while. I needed to spend time with my kids before we get caught up in everything that fall brings.

I worked all summer … and worked, and worked and worked. I've got so much to share and show, but I'm sharing a bit about my kiddos instead. I have no idea how long this post will be, so before I forget, don't forget to check out my giveaway over at Inspire Me Baby. Everyone loves free stuff, right? Just make sure to come back because it gets really interesting. :)

So, as we were heading to the zoo, we talked about what they got to do this summer. Granted, not all of this was with their parents. Sometimes grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends were involved. It truly takes a village! My heart was full as I listened to the chatter coming from the back seat. I loved that Lucy put her two cents … she was part of it after all. The laundry list includes: a 16-hour car ride both ways and a week at Disney, Tower of Terror, the Haunted Mansion, watching fireworks at the Magic Kingdom, throwing up at Magic Kingdom, going to baby Simon's house and to his Baptism, a weekend at the Lake, getting carsick on the way home, Toy Story 3D, growing our own tomatoes and peppers, first summer with a dog, Despicable Me … just Lucy and her dad … it still causes Sam to cry. A 20-mile tube ride behind Grandpa Mustache's boat, a week at VBS, three nights camping at the cabin, making s'mores and watching Fourth of July fireworks with cousins.

A late night showing of Eclipse. Jack's crazy ride on the flat tube and the fact that his hair has magically stopped defying gravity after 8 years. Six Flags and the water park with more cousins and riding on major roller coasters until dark. A family reunion with lots of people we didn't know. Hosting three birthday parties with friends and family at the lake and three kids turning another year older. Getting Little People, Big Planet … yes, my kids play video games too … one who can officially water ski, lots of fighting and art projects. A babysitting safety class and first time babysitting for someone who wasn't related. Friends coming over to play and spending the night. A few golf outings with the grandparents, quick trips to the lake to swim instead of eating lunch.

So whew! We packed A LOT into this summer. Did we slack? Let's say fall sounds like an excellent time to tackle a very dirty house, a mountain of laundry and sleep wasn't a priority. However, I can't say I felt more blessed than I did yesterday when I was riding the zoo train with my kids and sweet nieces, when we finally gave up and ate our picnic lunch in the back of the van instead of walking to the park, when I was so tired I dropped my only vice (Diet Pepsi) and we made a pact to stop on the way home and get milk shakes and frozen Cokes bigger than our heads. It's the little things that make a difference. The little things that make my kids smile and remember this summer. Sam started kindergarten this morning. I blinked and it just happened. Madison is in 7th grade and almost as tall as I am. Jack is a fourth grader and is starting to look much older. The house is quiet … fall … here we come!

Have a great rest of the week. If you're still here … head to Inspire Me Baby!

Find Me Over Here!

Have you heard about Inspire Me Baby? It's a wonderful resource for baby photographers. Lots of inspiration! Zenia is the editor and a rocking photographer herself! Even cooler … you can enter to win one of two marketing sets! They are 4-piece sets and would make a great addition to your business or help you get the ball rolling. Good luck!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Couldn't Wait!

I know I said "no more blogging until I relaunch in a few weeks". Well, sometimes a girl can't help herself. Elizabeth's set was just too pretty to wait! We worked on her logo and all coordinating pieces. We actually started with a different color palette in mind but once we hit the "sea glass" it was a resounding "YES … this is it!!"

Hope you love it as much as I do! Have a great weekend. Keep your eyes peeled for the new site and all things fun to come. :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's Next?

I've got some really fun projects to share. It's a mix of things that I've designed over the spring and summer. However, I think I'm going to wait until the fall and share when my new blog launches. That's right … NEW, fun blog. I'm so excited to show everyone and brag on the ladies who have taught me their Wordpress tips. Look for new links, recommended vendors and workshops and more! Seriously. Cannot. Wait.

Question for you on a totally different subject … the kids' school is having a fundraiser auction this fall. I'm in charge of a few things. What makes a great donation? We're looking for fun ideas and I'd love to see what you have in mind! Any comments are much appreciated.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Amber's Set and an Update!

Happy Summer! My Jackson turned the big one-oh yesterday. This means I have two children in double-digits. They grow up so fast. It's a good thing I still have the other two under ten!

In other news, look for exciting things this fall! I'm taking a blog workshop. It's awesome! The instructors, Rachel and Nancy, rule. Look for my new blog and a new look come September. Bigger pictures, a better portfolio, a special premade section and easier navigation! I'll also have a great list of resources that will fit right into your business needs and some other fun goodies. It's almost as exciting as having the kids go back to school next month. Seriously … we're on Day 68 so it's a big deal! :)

To leave you with something pretty, check out Amber's new set and logo. We've worked together on smaller projects over the last year. Love her! She was ready for a new look and here's what we came up with. Fun stuff!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

For Renee …

Red is one of my favorites and I kind of have a love of all things polka dots. Needless to say I'd thought about arm-wrestling her and keeping it for myself. Too bad she's an ocean away! Love it Renee … love your logo, love the rest. Cheers to you sweet girl! xx

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mari's New Set

Here's hoping everyone had a fabulous Fourth of July! This is usually the turning point of summer, where all of the hustle and bustle has ended and it's time to start thinking about school. I don't know about you, but I'd love longer summers! Ask me again in a few weeks and we'll see if I still have the same response. My daughter asked for Borax today so she could make her own "Goop". We may be running out of thing to do around the house!

I wanted to share Mari's new logo and set. She loves fall colors. I love how the reds, oranges and yellow come together on this one. I really like her bookmark and you've been spotted cards. Fun set … thank you Mari!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Holy Heat Wave!

The title has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but it is HOT outside. I can't remember when it's been so hot quite so early in the season. I love summer. I love gardens and fresh vegetables. I love swimming and sitting in the sun. I love going on boat rides and roasting marshmallows over campfires. I love ball games, popsicles and fireflies. Right now however, I'd love it if it was about 10 degrees cooler or if we had a pool. Thinking a drop in temperatures will happen long before we see a pool at this household!

Sharing a couple of new sets this week. The first one is for Carolyn. We designed her logo and marketing set. Her packaging ideas sound fun and I can't wait to see it all come together for her! The red set is for Sheila. Red is pretty much one of my favorites. I love the bit of life and warmth it brings into everything. It makes Sheila's set pop!

Keep watching for more updates … lots of fun stuff to show off! Don't forget to check out MadiLu Designs on Facebook … do you "like" it? Have a great week!

Monday, June 14, 2010

More Custom Sets!

Wow! It's easy to get behind on blogging over the summer. Things just tend to get really busy this time of year … ball games, swimming lessons, vacation, kids home 24/7 and work. I've found my groove though and have been plugging away. I'm sharing a few sets I've done. Enjoy!

This one is for Stephanie. Steph rocks birth photography!Tiffany at OTSS did her logo and I designed her marketing pieces. I love the colors in this one! We did a referral wallet and card. I think it's a great piece to give your clients to help generate business with a little bit of bragging rights for your client.

I designed Patrice's logo and marketing set. It's got a softer look to it, but very elegant. Patrice is not only an amazing photographer, she's also a talented seamstress. Check out her Etsy shop and clothing line! I would like one of each, please. :)

Last but not least, this is Clair's set. She had a logo, but wanted to pull it all together with a marketing set. The soft pinks and bright corals and chocolate really make it pop! Her tagline is "celebrate the beautiful things in life" and I think that sums up Clair. She's a beautiful person. She also volunteers for NILMDTS.

It's always fun to see how different everyone's styles are. I'm taking new marketing sets mid-July and would love to help you find your look. Things tend to book up quickly … let me know if I can help! I'm working on a post about an awesome gathering with girls I met almost two years ago through a photography workshop. Just trying to come up with words as beautiful as the women I've come to know. Will share soon! Have a wonderful week!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm Back!

It's seems like it's been forever, but we've finally wrapped up our vacation. Never mind the kids are here 24/7 for the next 80+ days, but the part where we leave the house, unplug and get away from the daily routine is over. It will still be crazy busy, but my mouse will be permanently attached to my palm for a good long while.

We all survived the car ride and Disney. That being said, we'll never take that trip with four children again. It was tough to keep all ages and both sexes happy 100% of the time. The child I was more worried about (the youngest) was the absolute best. Lesson learned!

I'm finalizing projects and starting on my June list. I'm currently booking for July. Please email me if you're interested.

I'm sharing Amanda's set. We wrapped this up right before I left. I've "known" Amanda for almost two years. I've watched her grow as a photographer and mother and excited as she takes the leap! If you are in Texas, look her up. She's also a fantastic knitter … think baby cocoons.

Edited to add: I've had a few inquires on where you can find Amanda's knitted goodies. Check out her post and you'll see the cocoons she has made. I can also vouch for her scarves as she made some gorgeous scarves for Christmas. My girlfriends loved them! If you'd like to get in touch with her, please email me and I'll send your her address. Thanks!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

See Amy. See Amy's Set.

This post is chock full of info, so get yourself a cup of tea and get comfy!

First, I'd like to share Amy's new marketing set and logo. Amy, supermom of four who I swear sleeps less than I do, loves all things Dick and Jane. We played on that theme and developed a block-like, whimsical set that ties to those stories we all grew up with. I can't decide what I like the best but I still smile every time I see that little wagon. :)

In addition to being a photographer, Amy also creates actions to make your processing easier. They are coming out this weekend and she's holding a contest and giving a great discount. Definitely head her direction and check them out. If you swoon over creamy skintones and a little sugar, you'll love her product.

Last but not least, we are taking a family vacation. I'm calling it the "SuperVacation" because who else sticks their four children in a car for a 32-hour round trip?? Yes folks, we're heading to the Sunshine State and spending a little time at Disney. The kids are stoked, I'm already tired and my husband seems, well, let's just say I'm really not sure how he feel about this. Anyway, I will be out of the office from May 21 through June 1. I will have access to email, but give me 24 hours to respond because I'm sure our schedule will be packed. I won't have access to your files, but I can probably talk you through something because I dream about Photoshop shortcuts in my sleep. I'm sending out as much as I can before I leave and will have lots of fun goodies to post when I return. I'll be taking new projects towards the end of June. If you'd like to get something rolling, please let me know.

Have a great week everyone and wish me luck!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dreaming Tree Photography

I keep looking at the new sets I need to blog and WOW! I've got some stuff to share. It's down to 7 days of school and about two weeks until we head on our family vacation. Doing this one Griswold style and will be on the road 32 hours with four children. I can't wait to share how that goes!

This set is a special one. It was designed for Amanda of Dreaming Tree Photography. We met last fall and she's just an hour or so from where I live. We went to the Pioneer Woman book signing in St. Louis and have also met up for photo shoots. She's an awesome photographer and I love her wedding and lifestyle work. As it turns out, she's actually photographing a wedding this fall and working with my sister who will be doing the flowers. Very small world but I bet the two of them will rock that day!

Amanda was looking to rebrand her business and going for a very soft vintage look. We really watched and pulled colors that would appeal to moms, brides, senior girls and not scare off senior boys! She just did a booth at a baby fair and it was so cool to see how she pulled it all together. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

(PS - Amanda … thank you for the images that I totally pulled off your Facebook page! Amanda, Ree and myself at the signing, my daughter, and Amanda's super cute display)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Anastasia's Set

I had the pleasure of working with Anastasia on her logo and marketing set. We developed her logo and then carried that same theme over to her set. I love working with circles! The colors in her set are great as the taupe gives an upscale vibe but that orange brings in a bit of fun. It was great to work with you Anastasia!

It's going to be a busy week! I've got a lot of projects going out the door and then we're taking a vacation with the kiddos. If you're interested in starting a new project, please contact me and we can discuss availability dates. Have a good one!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Two posts in one week … shocking … I know! I just have some projects I've worked on that I'm dying to share! This one for Ali is super cute! When she came to me with her logo, I knew this was going to be a fun one! It started as a mini set and we added a few things. There are a lot of places where she can swap out the colors on this set and mix/match for different looks. Still in love with the name! Thanks Ali!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kelly's Set and a Little Update

Good morning! I wanted to share Kelly's set today. Kelly and I developed her logo and marketing set for her photography business, Creatively Yours. I love the rich golds and plums in this one! We did a variety of pieces to get her rolling. Love it Kelly … thank you!!

In other breaking news, I'm going to be out of my office this morning for a few hours. I have the pleasure of accompanying my nine year-old son on his class trip today. We've got a long list of places to visit, including a county jail (YIKES!), the park, a historic home, an electric company and wrapping it up by making our own sundaes at a local restaurant. Class trips mean it's dangerously close to the end of the school year. My kids only have 14 days of school left! After that we're all here … all summer! I'll probably tweak my hours just a bit so we can enjoy the break together, but everything at MadiLu Designs will roll right on schedule. We're taking a family trip the end of May. I've discussed project deadlines with my clients and with those who have been inquiring about starting. If you're on the fence, let me know as soon as possible so I can complete your project before our trip. If it gets too close, I'll be taking more projects beginning June 1.

If you have a few minutes, keep little Parker in your prayers. Her mom is a fabulous photographer whom I met through NILMDTS. Parker has been in the hospital since Saturday after having several seizures. Some of you know that hits really close to home as my Lucy has had a few hospitalizations after seizures as well. Scary stuff for any mom! We're praying for you Parker!

All right … off to visit the inmates! Here's hoping all goes well on today's trip! I'll respond to emails as soon as I return. Have a good one. :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Imma Be …

Imma be loving this one and NO I couldn't resist singing the Black Eye Peas the entire time I worked on this one! Very fun! Michelle and I worked on her logo for SassyBee Photography. I love how her marketing set turned out. I think my favorite part are the images in the honeycomb. Did you notice how her images coordinate with the set? Yeah … I noticed that too. Super fun! Thank you Michelle! You were a blast to work with!

I've been as busy as a bee lately! Ha! My kiddos are almost out of school for the summer … yikes! We're taking a family vacation at the end of May  … like a 16 hours in the car both directions vacation. I'm sure it will be interesting to say the very least. If you're looking to do a marketing set or logo, let me know so I can get you scheduled.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

OMGosh …

I'm over here today! Very exciting and wanted to say thanks to Robyn for the opportunity.

I'll blog more about this set because it's so, so fun. I loved working with Linsey and couldn't have asked for a sweeter client.

Monday, April 12, 2010

New Premade Set!

Take this new set and swap out the colors to make it your own. The white, pink and orange design shows how this could be changed. Set includes a business card, gift certificate, thank you, 2" sticker, print care card, copyright card, referral card, #10 envelope, 5x7 card, letterhead and a 5x5 digital negative holder. Cost of the set is $100 for all pieces. Please email me at to purchase.

Note: Nephews were not harmed during the creation of the set.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Just a Stone's Throw Away …

If I were to hop in the car and head about two hours south, I'd run right into Stephanie of Stephanie Greenwell Photography. One of these days I'm going to have to make a road trip because I really enjoyed working with her. In addition to being a fabulous photographer, she's also a hard-working mama of four!

Stephanie's logo was created by Tiffany at OTSS. I was able to work with Steph on the rest of her marketing collateral. We started with pinks and greens and finally pulled in that blue to make it POP! I'm loving how it came together. Go get 'em Steph!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Creating Memories

As I'm looking out my office window, I see my daughter and her friend playing on our swingset. She's 12 and ever so close to entering those teen years. I can remember those days. It's hard to believe she's grown up so fast!

Remember the image box template I said I'd upload the other day? Here you go!! My plans are to eventually make a box for each child so I can throw pictures and notes of their accomplishments inside. It all goes by so fast! I've got instructions included so you can tweak the colors to match your image or decor and see what fonts I used. Enjoy!

Speaking of Miss M, it's Day 6 of spring break. I've been trying to keep up with projects and emails, but with the holiday thrown in the mix, it just got a little busy. It was kind of an eye opener though, as trying to work with four kids underfoot is definitely a challenge. This summer they will turn 4, 6, 10 and 12. I realize we're missing an 8 year old in there, but to quote the infamous Ross Gellar, "we were on a break!". Anyhow, I'm already thinking of how we're going to structure our summer so we're not all pulling our hair out. It can be a challenge to accommodate their different ages and personalities. I'm excited, but would be lying if I wasn't a little scared. I'll definitely be working full-time. Catching up on revisions and emails today! Exciting things brewing for MadiLu next week, including some guest vendor spots. If I've designed your marketing materials and you've taken pictures of the final product, please let me know. I'm on the hunt for a few images.

Enjoy the weather and have a great day!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Michelle's Custom Set

This set was designed for sweet Michelle. She was actually the winner of a custom designed set on CM. She had her logo, website and colors established. All we needed to do was pull a few print materials together. She's well on her way!! If you're needing a photographer in the San Antonio area, make sure you look her up!

I feel blessed to be spending the holiday weekend with my family. I'm also thankful to have gotten to know so many amazing people through my work. To all of you … have a safe and very happy holiday weekend! Try not to eat too much candy!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

No Foolin'!

I really don't have any good April Fool's jokes this year. I've pretty much used up the, "honey guess what!" in past years. Serving funny foods has been done before. I could have gotten the kids up early and made them get ready for school since today is the first day of their spring break. However, that's only punishing myself!! Speaking of spring break, I'm working with the kiddos here the next six days. Wish me luck!!

In celebration of all things funny, the beautiful weather and the fact that my kids can play outside, let's do something fun! Leave a comment with your funny April Fool's story, a good joke or just something humorous you'd like to share. If we get 25 comments, I'll post a link to download an image box template that can be printed at WHCC. Start thinking! :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Jasmine's Mini Set

Happy Friday! TGIF!! I've got a lot to post, but thought I'd start the weekend off with the lovely Jasmine's set! Jasmine needed a few things to get her marketing set rolling. She came to me with her logo and wanted to design a few complimentary pieces. We worked on a packaging sticker, blog header, digital negative holder and her trifold brochure. I love how her logo pops off the dark color and the lighter green gives off a fresh feeling. The green makes the think of all things spring and truth be told … I'm really ready for spring!!

This spring is a little more special than past years. My brother and his wife are expecting and due in a few weeks! I'll finally have my first niece or nephew on my side of the family. There are a boatload on my husband's side, but I'm looking forward to a little boy or girl to spoil!! My baby is three (sniff), so it's been a long time.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Whooo's Set is this?

I couldn't resist! I've been waiting to blog about Trish's set. It's been a LONG week plagued with illness at our household. Luckily not kid-related (quick … knock on wood!), but take both parents out of the equation for a few days and things get interesting. Let's just say the kiddos may have had cereal for dinner more than once this week.

So, Trish's marketing set … I think the world of Trish! We met through the Explore workshop and have kept in touch ever since. This summer marks two years. It's been fun to watch her grow as a photographer. I love seeing the images of her children and how they've grown. All three are destined to be heartbreakers someday!

We started off with something a little softer in mind and ended up going a different direction. I'm so glad we did! I really like the deep, rich colors, but they still have that punch that catches your attention.

The coolest news … I get to meet up with not only Trish, but a group of fabulous girls from the same Explore workshop. A major meetup is taking place in June. I can't even begin to say how excited I am! Trish, make sure you bring me one of your cards. :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Stacie's Pretty Set!

Happy Time Change! (not really but if I pretend to like it, maybe I'll adjust faster!) I wanted to share the logo and set I did for Stacie. When I first met Stacie, she sent tons of samples of styles she liked. It mostly consisted of decorating and furniture samples. It's a good way to express your taste and what you're looking for. I'd like to hire Stacie to be my personal shopper. Take a peek at her set. Soft and sweet!

More blogging to come this week. I'm wrapping up more custom sets, getting all of the paperwork sent to those ready to go and finalizing new, initial set designs … it's a busy time of year! Spring forward everyone!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lots of Logos

I haven't blogged in a while … since my birthday actually. Did you think I'd forgotten?? You know … being over the hill and all! Just kidding! Things have been rolling at MadiLu Designs. Custom marketing sets are my niche. Sometimes though, I'll just do a custom logo. Here are a few I'd like to share. Some of these are rolling into custom sets and some of these have sets that are just about finished. I'll blog those again later once it's a wrap. Blues seem to be a trend, but that goes hand in hand with the Pantone color of the year (turquoise).

In other news, our family got a puppy, a Jack Russell Terrier. I'd managed to maintain a nearly pet-free household for almost 14 years. They must have caught me at a weak moment and last week we rescued a puppy from Field of Dreams. Welcome Fender … you're in for quite a treat from this bunch!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dear Steph Platt …

I am ecstatic to tell you are the new owner of an Apple Magic Mouse! ♥

Steph is a MadiMoo member, a fan of MadiLu Designs and left a comment on the blog post about the birthday prize. We participated in the Eye Candy workshop together and most important, she is a dear friend. (I swear random number generator is not fixed!) Recently, she skyrocketed to fame when her bird image was featured on the Pioneer Woman's blog. I'm pretty sure that makes me somewhat famous just by association :)

Congrats Steph and thanks for playing! I will be in touch. Keep checking back for more fun stuff!

Monday, February 22, 2010

KT's set and a few interesting tidbits …

It's been an interesting week! First, I'd like to show the set for KT Photography. I love her bright colors and the overall set makes me think of sunshine and fun. Much needed change of pace since it only seems to be overcast these days. Thanks Kendra :)

What else?? Today is the LAST day to enter for the Magic Mouse giveaway! Don't forget … will announce the winner tomorrow. Must enter on this post. I've given up caffeine. Boo! Not fun but it was time. Maybe not the best time to start as last week my husband was out of town. There were many endless days of kids stuck inside because of bad weather. Saturday was gorgeous and they headed outside. Within the first ten minutes, Lucy sent a swing right into Sam's lip. I had my first true "kid or camera" experience. Ever have one of those? Do share :) He was fine. I'd just forgotten how bloody the mouth can be.

Have a great week!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Girls Rule!

We're a divided household … three boys, three girls. I try to keep things balanced, but let's not kid ourselves … I love all things girly! I just finished this set for Christy of 2 Twirly Girls Photography. Christy had her logo designed by Tiffany at On The Spot Studio. Super cute logo girls! I helped her pull the rest of her look together with this marketing set. I love the bright colors!

Speaking of bright colors, I think everyone has spring fever. I finished another set this week that uses similar colors. I'll post next week KT :) I've also been working on Kristy's set (almost there Kristy!) and she's got a similar color palette as well. Everyone came with these requests … we may be seeing a trend!

Have a great weekend and don't forget to enter for the Magic Mouse!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Birthday Magic!

I've got a birthday just around the corner and I'm celebrating by giving one of YOU a present! Through the years I've learned it's better to give than to receive (thanks Mom!) and I'm excited to give one of you an Apple Magic Mouse! I know … swoon! I don't even own one myself.

Here's the deal! You are all eligible. And it's easy to win.
One entry - Leave a comment on THIS post.
Two entries - Grab that MadiLu Design's button at the top right of my site. Post it on your blog with a link back to my site and comment on THIS post again. Please include a link to your blog b/c I'd like to check out your work too :)
Three entries - Become a fan of MadiLu Designs on Facebook. If you already are, post a link to my site on your Facebook page.

If you're a MadiMoo or Little Lu member, you are automatically entered once so you have four chances to win!

Drawing will be held on February 23 (my birthday). You have until midnight CST on February 22 to enter. If you aren't using a Mac and win … you're still in luck! Take $75 off the price of a custom marketing set. If you have a Mac and would rather use the discount, that's fine too. Good luck!!

Watch this week for new marketing minis! Perfect for someone who just needs a few pieces. Lots of stuff going on at Pink Ink Studios too … don't forget to check it out! I'll also be posting some of the custom sets I've been working on … fun stuff!

Posting a little bit of Lu's birthday magic last summer. Birthdays are much more magical at threeSo are double-chins.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ava's Rule

Remember Ava and her family today. If you haven't read her story, take a few minutes to read Ava's Rule, especially if you have small children. Last August I created a book to remember the Superprincess' birthday. All proceeds went to Paradise Kids in Ava's memory. Kirsty shared her lovely creation with me today. It's beauty full. Thank you for sharing. Hugs to Sheye and her family today ♥

Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Monday!

Sweet Rebeca just emailed me with a "Happy Monday". What a great way to start off the week!

Things started off a little "stinky" this morning. I just finished going through hundreds of pairs of shoes to send to charity. Our school did a shoe drive. Basically this organization picks up used shoes. They get paid per pound. The shoes are sent to less fortunate countries and the money made is used to purchase a water drilling rig. This particular round of shoes will help provide clean water in Haiti. Just wanted to share a bit of charity info this week. I left school and kind of felt like I worked at a bowling alley. Good cause … just kind of stinky.

Back to Rebeca's set. We worked on her logo and marketing pieces to help her brand her photography business. She wanted something that showcased more traditional portraiture and would cater to parents. I like her colors. I like her set! The card with the smaller white squares is to showcase images from different sessions. Great way to show off your different specialty areas!

One last note… start date for new marketing sets is now February 21. As I blogged before, prices are going up a tiny bit on March 1. If you're on the fence, let me know before March so you can still get your set at the current pricing.

Have a good one!

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Little Something to Say …

I'm feeling a bit sappy today. I'm counting my blessings. I have a great family and friends, and I truly appreciate my clients and the amazing people I work with in this industry.

Things to check out :
Pink Ink Studios - Talented group of designers. Great resource for photographers.
Eye Candy Workshops - Already into photography? Just beginning? Life changing experience.
Eye Candy Actions - If you swoon over vintage and all things pretty.
On the Spot Studios - Tiffany is an extremely talented logo designer and a total sweetheart.
Flowers: My sister continues to inspire and amaze me with her talent.
Eliza's Library: Because everyone should become aware of rare neurological diseases. The smallest people can make the biggest difference.
Just because: One of my favorites … love the movie, love the music and I'd pay good money for Summer Finn's wardrobe.

Have a great weekend!
** Image from when we had beautiful November weather. I really, really want the rain and fog to disappear!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Here Comes the Sun

Has it been uber-dreary where you live? I don't think I've seen the sun in weeks! I told my daughter that it appears we've up and moved to Forks! Yes, we both read the Twilight books last year :)

I'm showing off Nakia's new set. It's bright and cheery … taking the place of much needed sunshine! We've pulled it all together and she's ready to roll! I've come to the conclusion that it makes me a little sad to finish projects. I truly have a "what if I never speak to them again" moment as I send off the last email with the files. I feel like I always end up knowing more about my clients and their lives and how they're doing. I always wonder about the final product too … how did it look when it printed? Do your clients love it? What images did you choose? Did you find awesome coordinating packaging? See … you think I'm happy to finish up but I think about your work for a long time. Thank you Nakia!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Tahlia's Set and a little MadiLu Update

Happy Monday to everyone! Actually, it's not all it's cracked up to be … I've got quite a workload, a meeting and four kids who have been cooped up far too long. We just did the "everyone run around as fast as you can" outside for a bit. Hoping fresh air brings long naps!

Posting Tahlia's set today. I really like the colors. She's got all kinds of awesome cards … business cards, referral cards, rep cards and even bookmarks that can potentially act as a card. They all coordinate, but each one has a bit of a different look. Lots of ways to reach your target audience! Thanks Tahlia :)

So … the little MadiLu update. A bit about myself. I strongly dislike two things … waiting on something and money. If you know me, you can attest to how true this is. I hate billing design clients (I feel guilty) and I hate paying bills (I feel guilty b/c I often forget and am late). I had a heart-to-heart with my husband this weekend. He's so smart and since he doesn't check my blog it's totally cool to put that out there!

Here's the scoop and both go hand-in-hand with my pet peeves.

1. Wait List - I've got a bit of a list going. I need to be fair to all of my clients and give each project 100% of my attention. I will only be starting on new logos and marketing sets beginning February 10 … not too far away. If we've been in contact prior to today, please don't worry. You're on my list. If you'd like to get something started, please contact me and I will add you to the list for February.

2. Money - I swear this gives me a stomachache and I've been debating for quite some time. Here goes … as photographers, I read and find great value in discussions regarding pricing. I wholeheartedly believe people should find the value in your work, but you also have to value yourself.

Based on the number of hours I spend on my projects, I will be raising my rates. Please don't head for the hills … not much, just a little but enough for me to justify time spent away from my family. New rates will go into effect March 1, 2010. If you contact me to schedule your project before that time, you will be locked into current rates. At this time I don't publish my rates on my blog. It's a lengthy description because I don't quote per piece and I like to make sure you know what you're getting.

Rates for custom logos will remain the same – $125. Please feel free to email or ask me any questions. or

Have a great week!

Friday, January 15, 2010

For Erin …

Erin is one busy lady! Not only is she a nurse, but she's also a mom and runs her photography business. She let me in on her secret late one night … she never sleeps. Neither do I and I enjoyed our late night chats. :)

Moving on … Erin and I started with her logo and moved on with the rest of her set. We did referral cards in addition to her regular business cards. These are great for passing on to current clients and should provide the incentive to help get your name out there. They always say word of mouth is great advertising.

Thanks Erin … loved working with you and wish you all the best!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Catching Up …

Wow! It's been a crazy week. Last week I designed, designed and well, designed. Left Saturday to head to Nashville to the Imaging USA conference. It was amazing. Yes, it's for photographers, but as a designer I was on the hunt for new products and to find the best printer to refer my clients to. Photographers, do you have any idea how many albums are out there?? Wow is all I can say!

I met some great people. I had some of my templates in the Savvy Photographer booth. There were a few of us in there. Marsha was promoting The Savvy Sisterhood Workshop … awesome opportunity. I loved meeting Marsha and her sister Ann … both photographers and super nice people. Lori Nordstrom was also promoting her workshops and her camera straps. My husband's family business employs engineers. These guys think things through … they think EVERYTHING through. These camera straps were developed by a photographer and an engineer and let's just say they rock. If you are in the market for a new strap, check out Pepper straps. Your camera isn't going anywhere :)

I gave a presentation last night to the Greater St. Louis PPA. We discussed logos, marketing material and branding. It was a small, informal presentation and such a good experience. I enjoyed meeting that group. If you are in the St. Louis area and involved in photography, I'd check it out. Many, many resources.

So, I'm back. I'm not settled, but I'm crawling into my hole and designing my heart out. I'm getting a bit of a list for custom logos and sets. If you are interested or even thinking about doing one soon, please let me know so I can get you worked into my schedule.

Sorry for the long post and lack of pics … I'll be sharing a few new sets this week! I'm also going to post several premade logos I've got. I need to revamp my blog (shout out to Nancy at Monkey Tails), update my website and such … isn't January supposed to be a slow month?

Take care!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Beginnings

Even though I dislike January and the winter weather, it's always nice to have a fresh beginning to the year. New ideas, new resolutions and hopefully finding ways to improve upon the last year.

Today is officially my first day back to work after the holidays. Although many of you noticed I worked during the break :) Definitely one of my resolutions for 2010. Not to work less, but to work more efficiently and give myself back some of the time I'm missing with my children.

My new working hours will be on Monday through Thursday, 8:00-3:00 CST. I will check email in the evenings, but it may be the next morning before I get back to you. I do play catch up on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays and there is a good chance you'll hear from me … I just don't want to commit. I know many of my clients are in different time zones and even on different continents. No worries … I'll work with you to make sure everything is taken care of. I'm just trying to get everyone, including myself, on a better schedule this year. I love to create and design, but if I don't set limits for myself, I won't take a break and sometimes it makes me not such a nice mom and wife … aka tired and crabby!

I'm working on a lot of projects … lots of great things to come. Gearing up for Imaging USA in Nashville, TN next week. I'll be in the booth with the Savvy Photographer. I'm excited to meet new people and see what new things are on the horizon.

Cheers to a great year!