Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Holy Heat Wave!

The title has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but it is HOT outside. I can't remember when it's been so hot quite so early in the season. I love summer. I love gardens and fresh vegetables. I love swimming and sitting in the sun. I love going on boat rides and roasting marshmallows over campfires. I love ball games, popsicles and fireflies. Right now however, I'd love it if it was about 10 degrees cooler or if we had a pool. Thinking a drop in temperatures will happen long before we see a pool at this household!

Sharing a couple of new sets this week. The first one is for Carolyn. We designed her logo and marketing set. Her packaging ideas sound fun and I can't wait to see it all come together for her! The red set is for Sheila. Red is pretty much one of my favorites. I love the bit of life and warmth it brings into everything. It makes Sheila's set pop!

Keep watching for more updates … lots of fun stuff to show off! Don't forget to check out MadiLu Designs on Facebook … do you "like" it? Have a great week!

Monday, June 14, 2010

More Custom Sets!

Wow! It's easy to get behind on blogging over the summer. Things just tend to get really busy this time of year … ball games, swimming lessons, vacation, kids home 24/7 and work. I've found my groove though and have been plugging away. I'm sharing a few sets I've done. Enjoy!

This one is for Stephanie. Steph rocks birth photography!Tiffany at OTSS did her logo and I designed her marketing pieces. I love the colors in this one! We did a referral wallet and card. I think it's a great piece to give your clients to help generate business with a little bit of bragging rights for your client.

I designed Patrice's logo and marketing set. It's got a softer look to it, but very elegant. Patrice is not only an amazing photographer, she's also a talented seamstress. Check out her Etsy shop and clothing line! I would like one of each, please. :)

Last but not least, this is Clair's set. She had a logo, but wanted to pull it all together with a marketing set. The soft pinks and bright corals and chocolate really make it pop! Her tagline is "celebrate the beautiful things in life" and I think that sums up Clair. She's a beautiful person. She also volunteers for NILMDTS.

It's always fun to see how different everyone's styles are. I'm taking new marketing sets mid-July and would love to help you find your look. Things tend to book up quickly … let me know if I can help! I'm working on a post about an awesome gathering with girls I met almost two years ago through a photography workshop. Just trying to come up with words as beautiful as the women I've come to know. Will share soon! Have a wonderful week!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm Back!

It's seems like it's been forever, but we've finally wrapped up our vacation. Never mind the kids are here 24/7 for the next 80+ days, but the part where we leave the house, unplug and get away from the daily routine is over. It will still be crazy busy, but my mouse will be permanently attached to my palm for a good long while.

We all survived the car ride and Disney. That being said, we'll never take that trip with four children again. It was tough to keep all ages and both sexes happy 100% of the time. The child I was more worried about (the youngest) was the absolute best. Lesson learned!

I'm finalizing projects and starting on my June list. I'm currently booking for July. Please email me if you're interested.

I'm sharing Amanda's set. We wrapped this up right before I left. I've "known" Amanda for almost two years. I've watched her grow as a photographer and mother and excited as she takes the leap! If you are in Texas, look her up. She's also a fantastic knitter … think baby cocoons.

Edited to add: I've had a few inquires on where you can find Amanda's knitted goodies. Check out her post and you'll see the cocoons she has made. I can also vouch for her scarves as she made some gorgeous scarves for Christmas. My girlfriends loved them! If you'd like to get in touch with her, please email me and I'll send your her address. Thanks!