Monday, January 18, 2010

Tahlia's Set and a little MadiLu Update

Happy Monday to everyone! Actually, it's not all it's cracked up to be … I've got quite a workload, a meeting and four kids who have been cooped up far too long. We just did the "everyone run around as fast as you can" outside for a bit. Hoping fresh air brings long naps!

Posting Tahlia's set today. I really like the colors. She's got all kinds of awesome cards … business cards, referral cards, rep cards and even bookmarks that can potentially act as a card. They all coordinate, but each one has a bit of a different look. Lots of ways to reach your target audience! Thanks Tahlia :)

So … the little MadiLu update. A bit about myself. I strongly dislike two things … waiting on something and money. If you know me, you can attest to how true this is. I hate billing design clients (I feel guilty) and I hate paying bills (I feel guilty b/c I often forget and am late). I had a heart-to-heart with my husband this weekend. He's so smart and since he doesn't check my blog it's totally cool to put that out there!

Here's the scoop and both go hand-in-hand with my pet peeves.

1. Wait List - I've got a bit of a list going. I need to be fair to all of my clients and give each project 100% of my attention. I will only be starting on new logos and marketing sets beginning February 10 … not too far away. If we've been in contact prior to today, please don't worry. You're on my list. If you'd like to get something started, please contact me and I will add you to the list for February.

2. Money - I swear this gives me a stomachache and I've been debating for quite some time. Here goes … as photographers, I read and find great value in discussions regarding pricing. I wholeheartedly believe people should find the value in your work, but you also have to value yourself.

Based on the number of hours I spend on my projects, I will be raising my rates. Please don't head for the hills … not much, just a little but enough for me to justify time spent away from my family. New rates will go into effect March 1, 2010. If you contact me to schedule your project before that time, you will be locked into current rates. At this time I don't publish my rates on my blog. It's a lengthy description because I don't quote per piece and I like to make sure you know what you're getting.

Rates for custom logos will remain the same – $125. Please feel free to email or ask me any questions. or

Have a great week!


Steph said...

Worth every penny + ....

I'm proud of you Kim!
(and happy too.congrats on the booming biz)

Trisha said...

I'm so excited for you too...look at all the marking kits you've been posting!! Way to go Kim!!

Don't feel guilty at all. Everyone has to do it within their business. I know it's hard though ; )