Thursday, January 21, 2010

Here Comes the Sun

Has it been uber-dreary where you live? I don't think I've seen the sun in weeks! I told my daughter that it appears we've up and moved to Forks! Yes, we both read the Twilight books last year :)

I'm showing off Nakia's new set. It's bright and cheery … taking the place of much needed sunshine! We've pulled it all together and she's ready to roll! I've come to the conclusion that it makes me a little sad to finish projects. I truly have a "what if I never speak to them again" moment as I send off the last email with the files. I feel like I always end up knowing more about my clients and their lives and how they're doing. I always wonder about the final product too … how did it look when it printed? Do your clients love it? What images did you choose? Did you find awesome coordinating packaging? See … you think I'm happy to finish up but I think about your work for a long time. Thank you Nakia!


~Nakia~ said...

I love my set soooo much! It fits me perfectly! I ordered some things yesterday, and I cannot wait to see them!! Thank you so much!!!

Kristy said...

Love it!!!! It is so bright cheery & fuN!