Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Creating Memories

As I'm looking out my office window, I see my daughter and her friend playing on our swingset. She's 12 and ever so close to entering those teen years. I can remember those days. It's hard to believe she's grown up so fast!

Remember the image box template I said I'd upload the other day? Here you go!! My plans are to eventually make a box for each child so I can throw pictures and notes of their accomplishments inside. It all goes by so fast! I've got instructions included so you can tweak the colors to match your image or decor and see what fonts I used. Enjoy!

Speaking of Miss M, it's Day 6 of spring break. I've been trying to keep up with projects and emails, but with the holiday thrown in the mix, it just got a little busy. It was kind of an eye opener though, as trying to work with four kids underfoot is definitely a challenge. This summer they will turn 4, 6, 10 and 12. I realize we're missing an 8 year old in there, but to quote the infamous Ross Gellar, "we were on a break!". Anyhow, I'm already thinking of how we're going to structure our summer so we're not all pulling our hair out. It can be a challenge to accommodate their different ages and personalities. I'm excited, but would be lying if I wasn't a little scared. I'll definitely be working full-time. Catching up on revisions and emails today! Exciting things brewing for MadiLu next week, including some guest vendor spots. If I've designed your marketing materials and you've taken pictures of the final product, please let me know. I'm on the hunt for a few images.

Enjoy the weather and have a great day!


Georgie said...

Ah Kim, I love you and your freebies! Such a fantastic idea. Thankyou!

I took photos of my business cards way back when - http://georgiescorner.blogspot.com/2009/03/business-cards.html

Trisha said...

Kim you're so awesome :) Thank you so much!!!!

I just got a press printed 10x10 book printed from one of your book templates. I can't wait to show you!!!!