Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dreaming Tree Photography

I keep looking at the new sets I need to blog and WOW! I've got some stuff to share. It's down to 7 days of school and about two weeks until we head on our family vacation. Doing this one Griswold style and will be on the road 32 hours with four children. I can't wait to share how that goes!

This set is a special one. It was designed for Amanda of Dreaming Tree Photography. We met last fall and she's just an hour or so from where I live. We went to the Pioneer Woman book signing in St. Louis and have also met up for photo shoots. She's an awesome photographer and I love her wedding and lifestyle work. As it turns out, she's actually photographing a wedding this fall and working with my sister who will be doing the flowers. Very small world but I bet the two of them will rock that day!

Amanda was looking to rebrand her business and going for a very soft vintage look. We really watched and pulled colors that would appeal to moms, brides, senior girls and not scare off senior boys! She just did a booth at a baby fair and it was so cool to see how she pulled it all together. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

(PS - Amanda … thank you for the images that I totally pulled off your Facebook page! Amanda, Ree and myself at the signing, my daughter, and Amanda's super cute display)


amandanbo said...

i adore this set! you are so talented! {& gorgeous! love that picture!}

Dreaming Tree Photography said...

Kim, you are the best! I am so in love with your work and beyond happy with my design. Thanks a million! Amanda

Trisha said...

Very cute set! I'm so excited for you!! I would love to meet Ree :) Go you!!

Stacy Cross said...

SO awesome! You are truly gifted!

3italians said...

I am new to the site- Awesome stuff!! I just tried to e-mail you to enquire about a purchase and it sent me to something strange. Can you please let me know how I can get in touch with you?

dkdrury said...

3italians - You can email me at If that doesn't work, please try

Thanks! And thanks for the comments girls. I've loved working with all of you. <3