Friday, October 9, 2009

Unplugged …

It wasn't for an entire day, but it was MOST of the day and it was GREAT! Yesterday I was able to sneak out and accompany Sam on his Pre-K field trip. We were supposed to "pumpkin patch it", but it rained buckets and we ended up playing in a gym, hitting the library and swimming. Who knew Sam liked basketball so much? It felt wonderful just to give him my undivided attention. With four kids running around and a business in my home, it's not easy to do.

My phone died and I had no access to email. For someone who stays up into all hours of the night and gets up even earlier to keep up, this was a welcome break. I've got lots of marketing kits and special projects and feel refreshed and ready to jump right back in. Here I go!!

PS - Phone is fixed, thanks to my super SMART husband :)

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Rebeca said...

I'm glad you had that opportunity. Sometimes our mind needs that unexpected break from our adult lives! I can't wait to see your marketing kits!