Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nine Nine Oh Nine

What a fun day! Just thought I'd share 9 random things with you. Some are business related, some personal and some just interesting.

1. Today is one of my best friend's wedding anniversary. Wouldn't you like to say you were celebrating 9 years on 9/9/09? Kristy is an awesome friend. We've known each other since we were three. In April, she lost her mother to ovarian cancer. I still cry about it. I cry for my friend and I've realized how fast life goes by. We're running for TeamJane on September 27 in St. Louis. It's a 5K run … I'm not prepared, but I know I can do it … for Kristy, for Jane and for my aunt, another person lost to ovarian cancer.

2. I enjoy reading blogs when I have time. I met Jodie at a NILMDTS meeting. She's such a nice person and I love her writing. It's so real. Check out Fresh Art Photography here. Jodie and Kim are doing amazing things with newborn and family shoots.

3. I LOVE doing custom design work. I'm currently working on custom marketing sets. I enjoy working with each photographer to show their style. Basically everyone has the same job, but the styles and possibilities to express what they are doing are endless. Super fun. I'll be post samples soon so you can see what we've come up with!

4. I had to include a picture with the post. We had family pics when we were on vacation in August. Pam and Lance of Oh Look! Photography were so much fun to work with. Showing off one of our crazy bunch! Thank you Pam :) My mom secretly wanted all of us to wear white and khaki and my sister and I wouldn't participate. Sorry … we don't dress like that in real life. It's beautiful for some … it's just not "us".

5. Many of you commented on or purchased the album I made to celebrate Ava Rosemeyer's birthday. A donation is being made to Paradise Kids in Ava's name. It's not too late to scoop one up if you're interested. If you held a tea party that day, this is the PERFECT album to display those images. One mom emailed me how much she loved it when she was finished putting in her daughter's images. Hooray!!

6. I've been on the Pink Ink design team for almost 7 months. If you're looking for great marketing templates, album pages, overlays, textures and more, head over to Pink Ink. We've kicked off September with new products and posts. Join the forum … it's free and always a great place to get advice. Hats off to Holly for all of her hard work. If you're a senior in St. Louis, check out her work … magnificent!

7. Today I took Sam and Lucy for their "well" check-ups. Always nice to go to the doctor when you aren't sick. We dropped off a ton of books. It's great to have something to read when you're waiting with kids in a 10x10 room. The books are part of Eliza's Library. Eliza is our friend in Utah. Her mom has got to be one of the best mom's ever. Please read more about Eliza's Library and if you have extra new or gently used books, they've LOVE to have them.

8. I have a NINE year old son, Jackson. He is the sweetest. kid. ever. His teacher emailed me the other day how much she enjoyed having him in class. It doesn't take much to persuade me, but that definitely called for an ice cream celebration!

9. Christmas is coming … yikes … I know! Lots of fun holiday templates available. Designs are shown here. What better way to end my Nine Nine Oh Nine post than with a deal? Choose any three templates for … you guessed it … nine dollars. You can email me the letters of the design you like and I'll happily send your direction. Woo hoo! (valid through 9/19/09)

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Across the Miles Photography said...

What a fun list!! I need to go and check out your store! Fab deal!!