Monday, June 15, 2009

Kristy's Custom Set

Just wanted to share a custom marketing set that I designed for Kristy Milton Photography. After designing the logo, I started off with a two-sided business card, letterhead, envelope, and packaging sticker to give her a good supply of "the basics". I created a little brighter card that will work great for senior reps. Her info sheet is a great piece to have for miscellaneous notes, price sheets and even to handwrite a personal note to clients. Last but not least, I designed a gift certificate and a 5x7 marketing card.

It's going to look AMAZING with Kristy's images! Good luck Kristy!!


amandanbo said...

kim! this set looks fantastic! great work!!

Dreaming Tree Photography said...

I want this!!! Love it!

Kristy said...

Thanks again Kim, I love it :) :)
If anyone is thinking about making a custom package, DO IT I am so excited to have all my marketing stuff, Kim did a fantastic job!!!!

Trish said...

I love this set you guys!!